Neumanna Associates

We carry a wide selection of fabricsin 100% cotton or polyester/ cotton blends
in widths up to 305cm. Bed sheets are typically provided in plain weave construction. Pillow cases and duvet covers are usually provided in various satin stripes or jacguard weave construction.
All fabrics have ben specifically designed for hotel and institutional bed linen use. The construction of fabrics is based on a State of the Art of the industry
in the world adjusted for laundrying conditions in the Czech Republic.
We place a high emphasis on the softness, lustre, durability and economical maintenance of the fabrics.
All fabrics are directly imported from the same sources and are the same or better quality as the fabrics used in Western Europe and North America.
The direct import strategy allows us to provide our customers with an economical pricing structure.
Most of the bed linen is sawn according to our strict specifications and customer preferences (Sizes, type of stitching,..) in the Czech Republic.