Neumanna s.r.o.

Since 2003 we supply industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals and wholesalers
with bed linen, terry towels, table cloths and napkins. Due to the high quality
of our products ( pleasant/soft feel, long durability, easy maintenance) and economical price we have become important partners to our customers.
We will be happy to assist you in a selection of most suitable bed linen
for your facility.
Feel free to contact us.

We are continuously monitoring the technical developments and innovations in our field. In 2020-2021 we have undertaken two innovative projects. Both of them were partially financed by the European Union. This is an expression of our thanks to the EU for the subject financial support.

The subject of the first project was a review and optimalization of construction of fabrics for bed and terry linen. You can find more information about this project here.

The subject of the second project was a development of textile materials suitable for a repeated use in Clean rooms. (Operation theatres in hospitals,...) You can find more information about this project here.